Trauma recovery and
Restoring of Self
When people experience trauma or abuse in childhood it sets off a protective reaction. They begin to lose touch with or shield parts of themselves from further hurt and pain.  The result is less self awareness, an unusually high level of emotional stress, social anxiety, insecurity and self doubt.  Unhealthy patterns and negative core beliefs arise which further compromises the self.  These effects are long lasting and often have a negative impact on a person. At the same time these effects can impact how a person deals with the world and their ability to get their needs met.  Day to day living becomes extremely challenging. Many turn to addictive behaviors or unhealthy relationships.

Addiction Recovery and
Emotional Heath

Though experiencing a trauma doesn’t always mean that a person will develop an addiction, current research suggest that trauma is a underlying source of addiction.  What may have began as a solution, a way to displace  intolerable feelings, eventually and inevitably becomes a problem. Addictive behaviors  can lead to traumatic experiences in and of themselves often masking the original wound.  The two become intertwined. Therefore, it is important that trauma and addictive behaviors are treated  together, rather than concurrently.  This way of working is most effective in achieving long term recovery and emotional health.





“The goal is to understand how the trauma of the past drives the addiction in the present.”


We start  by creating an environment that is respectful, compassionate and safe. We avoid pathologizing symptoms but rather promote a strengthening and integration of thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

The psychotheraputic groups are designed to both increase knowledge and  awareness. It’s through an increased awareness where the real work begins.
 You will learn so much about your capabilities during this process. It’s a place of healing, growth and expansion. It’s also the point at which the path becomes clear and new discoveries begin.
What will you discover:
  • An increased ability to handle difficult situations with ease
  • A solid foundation for emotional healing to continue
  • No need to use substances to displace uncomfortable feelings
  • The ability to live in the present, rather than stuck in the past or worrying about the future.
  •  How to be more authentic, and available to yourself and others.


 If you’ve experienced trauma, or abuse in childhood; recovering from an addiction and seeking emotional sobriety, Let us help you heal the pain, release the addiction and  forge a new path that leads you to freedom.


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